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RunnerGo works towards building a full-stack testing platform. We adopt a rather loose open-source Apache-2.0 license and make it convenient for all like-minded friends to contribute together to the world of open source.
It only takes two steps to install and deploy RunnerGo

Step 1: Prepare a host

Please prepare an 8C16G x64 Linux host connected to the Internet

Step 2: Run the one-click installation command

Please run the following command as the root user to install RunnerGo:


Step 3: After successful installation, please go to the following address in the browser.

You can view your local extranet address through curl -L && curl

Address: http://your local extranet address:9999

Please confirm that the server ports 9999, 58888, and 58889 are available (It is closed by default on Alibaba Cloud and other manufacturers)

SaaS Edition

enterprise scenarios
High delivery quality
Business escalation
15-day free trial
Free 5000 VUM
Professional technical support

SaaS Edition

RunnerGo offers the enterprise-oriented SaaS edition that enables efficient testing, guarantees delivery quality, and promotes business escalation. Sign up as a RunnerGo user for a 15-day free trial, 5000 VUM, and professional technical support service.

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Private Deployment

Upgraded security
lifetime free updates
Free of maintenance
unlimited team members
Prioritized scheduling
Exclusive technical support

Private Deployment

To enterprise users, we offer private deployment service with upgraded security and lifetime free updates to avoid the distress of maintenance. Subscribe to RunnerGo's private deployment service and get access to unlimited team members, requirement schedule priority, beta test participation, and exclusive technical support.

Use Now
  • API management
    1. Seamless API Importing Experience now
      We support one-click API importing from platforms including postman, swagger, yapi, and apipost to reduce data migration costs.。
      Multi-platform import Shortcut Import cut the cost
    2. Quick API Debugging Experience now
      Users can create, debug, and save APIs in API management and view results returned through the API in real time.
      Interface certification Interface Assertion Association extraction
    3. One-Click API Requesting (or Calling) Experience now
      APIs can be requested (or called) directly to scenes, use cases, and plans to avoid duplication and reduce the risk of inconsistent API data.
      Quick reference Interface reuse Data synchronization
  • Scene management
    1. Immediate API Debugging Experience now
      Users can do immediate debugging for the block APIs in the scene and locate any issues timely.
      Instant debugging Quick modification
    2. Visual API Flow Experience now
      Through connecting APIs by flow to verify the passing status of API and assertion, RunnerGo enables clearer business processes and more intuitive debugging results.
      Scene construction Batch execution test data Quick verification
    3. Realistic Simulation Experience now
      With access to If Controller and Delay Controller, RunnerGo can closely simulate complex scenarios.
      controller Interface weight Interface mode
  • Performance Testing
    1. Five Stress Testing Modes Experience now
      RunnerGo supports multiple stress testing modes including concurrency test, error rate test, ladder test, RPS test, and response time test.
      Scheduled tasks Centralized mode Individual mode
    2. Split Screen Report Comparision Experience now
      Users can have an intuitive view of the testing results by comparing reports side by side.
      Scene comparison Interface comparison Chart display
    3. Real-Time Monitoring Experience now
      RunnerGo supports real-time data viewing of the CPU, Disk I/O, RAM, and Network I/O.
      Real-time monitoring Chart rendering
  • Automated Testing
    1. Testing Plan Management Experience now
      Intuitive plan configuration and quick run with one click.
      Conditional lookup Quick run running state
    2. Batch Operation of Use Case Scenarios Experience now
      Testing scenarios can be requested directly to plans. RunnerGo supports batch operation of testing use cases and real-time report generation.。
      Use case execution Batch test
    3. Quick Localization of Problems Experience now
      Users can view scenes, use cases, and API info at a glance and locate problems in testing quickly. RunnerGo also supports quick sending of test reports, enabling timely synchronization of work progress.
      Report overview Problem tracing Interface details
Tutorial Video
  • Function introduction of the RunnerGo full-stack testing platform
  • Write Use Case & Automated Testing & Performance Testing
  • Run test data in batches through scenario settings
  • Details on all five stress testing modes
We have acquired multiple qualification certifications.
  • ISO20000
  • 中关村高新技术企业
  • 华为云沃土初创伙伴
  • 开源gitops产业联盟
  • 诚信品牌建设先行企业
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