Open Source Edition
Apache-2.0 license
RunnerGo works towards building a full-stack testing platform. We adopt a rather loose open-source Apache-2.0 license and make it convenient for all like-minded friends to contribute together to the world of open source.
Enterprise Edition
Private Deployment
To enterprise users, we offer private deployment service with upgraded security and lifetime free updates to avoid the distress of maintenance. Subscribe to RunnerGo's private deployment service and get access to unlimited team members, requirement schedule priority, beta test participation, and exclusive technical support.
Obtain price scheme
Testing, management, collaboration......
All-in-One Efficiency Boost
Efficient Multi-Team Management with Secure Data and Resource Allocation for Seamless Team Collaboration.
Tutorial Video
  • Function introduction of the RunnerGo full-stack testing platform
  • Write Use Case & Automated Testing & Performance Testing
  • Run test data in batches through scenario settings
  • Details on all five stress testing modes
We have acquired multiple qualification certifications.
  • ISO20000
  • 中关村高新技术企业
  • 华为云沃土初创伙伴
  • 开源gitops产业联盟
  • 诚信品牌建设先行企业
Make testing “a bit simpler”
More simplified and advanced features, revolutionizing traditional testing concepts, experiencing a brand-new all-in-one full-stack testing platform!